1) You have a tennis lesson at 5,_________? a) do you b) don`t you c) didn`t you 2) He loves football, ____? a) does he b) don`t he c) doesn`t he 3) They went shopping, ______? a) didn`t they? b) did they? c) haven`t they? 4) We rarely go to the cinema, _______? a) do we b) don`t we c) do us 5) Let`s have some coffee, ______? a) will we b) won`t we c) shall we 6) You don`t like broccoli, _____? a) do you? b) don`t you? c) are you? 7) Don`t laugh, _____? a) won`t you? b) will you? c) shall you? 8) Georgia can`t cook, ______? a) can`t she? b) can she? c) will she? 9) I am allowed to use dictionary during the exam, _____? a) am I b) are you c) aren`t I 10) Be more careful, _____? a) do you? b) will you? c) are you?





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