companion (n) - friend, agile (adj) - fix and flexible, animal shelter (phr) - where stray or injured animals are cared for, as good as gold (phr) - very good, avalanche (n) - a large amount of snow falling down the side of a mountain, benefit (v) - to profit from, breed (n) - a type of animal, bump into (phr v) - to walk in to something, call into service (phr) - to ask to provide help, deal with (phr v) - to cope with, defend (v) - to protect, filter out (phr v) - to remove something isolating it from the rest, gentle (adj) - kind, tender, good nature (n) - friendliness, calmness, highly developed (phr) - advanced, inner (adj) - inside, invaluable (adj) - very useful, isolated (adj) - lonely, landslide (n) - an amount of earth and rocks falling down the side of a mountain, obediance (n) - the state of doing what you are told to do, obedient (adj) - well trained, retirement home (n) - a place where old people live and are cared for, scent receptors (n) - nerve ending tha react to smell, sniff out (phr v) - to discover through smelling, tracker (n) - somebody who locates somebody or something following marks or signs, well-behaved (adj) - behaving in a proper way, agility (n) - being fit, shelter (n) - a building where homeless people can get food and sleep, philantropist (n) - somebody who gives money to the poor, status (n) - somebody`s position in a group or society,





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