allied (adj) - joined, access (n) - the right to enter, aspect (n) - one of the parts that compose sb`s character, cultural heritage (phr) - features relating to the culture of a society, diversity (n) - the differences between people, focus on (v) - to pay special attention to, found (v) - to start a company, fund (v) - to provide money for, further (adv) - in more detail, government (n) - a group of people in charge of controlling a country, headquarters (n) - the main offices of a company/organisation, historic monument (phr) - a structure of historic importance, inequality (n) - difference, member country (n) - a country that has joined an international group, mission (n) - a special assignment, natural habitat (phr) - the natural environment where a plant or animals grow, promote (v) - to help sth to happen, reduce (v) - (of amount, extent, degree etc) to bring down, standard of living (phr)  - the level of comfort and wealth that people live by, strive (v) - to try hard, take on (phr v) - to assume, the press (n) - newspaper, wildlife conservation (phr) - the act of protecting animals in the wild, wipe out (phr v) - to remove,





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