1) Phil likes animals. Every summer, his mom and dad take him back to the city zoo. Phil can never go wrong visiting that zoo. How does Phil feel about going to the zoo? a) He likes going to the zoo. b) He thinks the zoo is boring. c) He wants to go to the park. 2) First, they go in the petting zoo. Phil likes petting the horses. He feeds them hay. A graph posted on the gate shows how fast horses grow. Who is the main character in this story? a) Mom b) Dad c) Phil 3) His mom gives him a sack. It is stuffed with food to feed the eager goats. Those goats eat from Phil's sack. His dad takes photos. Why did Phil's mom give him a sack? a) She gave him a sack to take phtos. b) She gave him a sack of food to feed the goats. c) She gave him a sack so Phil could eat his lunch. 4) Phil pets a white rabbit on the way out. Next Phil visits wild animals. He sees a signs with the phrase "Pick up litter!" Where did Phil go next? a) He went to se the wild animals. b) He went to see the rabbit. c) He went to the petting zool 5) Hippos play in mud. They look happy by that cool stream. Three foxes dart under bushes. They are singing. Where does this story take place? a) By the park b) At the zoo c) In the mountains 6) In the fish house, Phil sees seastars, puffer fish, sea horses, and sharks. Phil likes to see the sharks getting fed. What does Phil see in the fish house? a) He sees his mom and dad. b) He sees a shark. c) He sees seastars, puffer fish, sea horses and sharks. 7) Before the zoo closes, Phil and his mom and dad see a dolphin show. The dolphins know how to do fun tricks. Splash! Everybody laughs. Where does Phil go before the zoo closes? a) He goes to the see the wild animals. b) He goes to the petting zoo. c) He goes to the dolphin show.

Phil's Zoo Fun Comprehension Quiz


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