Lukas will visit his grandparents tomorrow afternoon. When will Lukas visit his grandparents?, Ben will take out the trash tonight. Who will take out the trash?, Yesterday, Dave gave me a new backpack. When did Dave give me a new backpack?, Harry needs to get apples at the store. What does Harry need to get?, Trish has a dentist appointment on Monday. When does Trish have a dentist appointment?, Blue is Jim's favorite color. What is Jim's favorite color?, Tim felt nervous because he has a math test. Why did Tim feel nervous?, Mike has a bat and ball in his bag. What does Mike have in his bag?, Kim felt sick on Tuesday. Who felt sick on Tuesday?, Jen left her book at the park. Where did Jen leave her book?, The box fell off the table. What fell off the table?, Jake is going to a baseball game next week. Where is Jake going?, Winter is Pam's favorite season. What is Pam's favorite season?, Brett walked to the post office. Where did Brett walk?, Kate was late because her car broke down. Why was Kate late?, Will got mad because his shoes were lost. Why did Will get mad?.


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