1) We would get there quicker if we … (take) a taxi. a) take b) took c) would take d) 'll take 2) She … (look) more beautiful if she wore nicer clothes. a) looks b) look c) would look d) looked 3) If you … (go) to bed earlier, you would feel less tired. a) went b) would go c) go d) gone 4) I would save a bit more money if I … (be) you. a) am b) were c) would be d) was 5) We would buy a house if we … (have) more money. a) have b) would have c) has d) had 6) If I … (go) on a safari, I’d like to see a zebra. a) went b) would go c) go d) gone 7) If you stopped smoking, you … (feel) much better. a) felt b) would felt c) would feel d) feel 8) If I … (be) you, I’d buy a new computer, because yours is quite old-fashioned. a) was b) were c) would be d) were be 9) What would you do if you … (see) a spider in your bed? a) 'd see b) 'd saw c) see d) saw 10) What would you do if you … (be) on a desert island? a) were b) was c) 'd be d) been 11) If I had a car, I… (drive) to work. a) drove b) drive c) would drive d) would drove 12) If I went to London, I… (visit) the Natural History Museum. a) visit b) visited c) would visited d) 'd visit




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