1) The clown is late for work. He is driving fast so he can make it to his show. The clown is in a _______________. a) movie b) hurry c) traffic d) line 2) The baby is crying. She has not eaten today. The baby is ready for her ________________. a) bottle b) pacifier c) rattle d) toy 3) If Johnny's mom has a boy, Johnny will have a brother. If she has a girl, he will have a sister. Johnny's mom came home with a boy. Johnny has a ____________. a) dog b) sister c) cousin d) brother 4) Harper loves the color orange. She also loves kittens. Her mom got her a kitten with orange fur. Harper will be _____________. a) angry b) sad c) happy d) annoyed 5) Daisy woke up to see a room full of balloons. She went downstairs and smelled a cake baking in the oven. She has to get ready for her party. Today is Daisy's _________________. a) last day of school b) Christmas Day c) Thanksgiving Day d) birthday 6) Amy is making hamburgers with ketchup, lettuce, tomato, and cheese. When she made the hamburger, she used lettuce, ketchup, and tomato. She realized she forgot the ________________. a) ketchup b) lettuce c) tomato d) cheese 7) The sun is shining and it is warm outside. The girls like to swim on nice days like today. They will go to the _____________. a) pool b) movies c) park d) mall 8) The family ordered pizza last night. The pizza man got stuck in traffic. It took an hour for the family to get their pizza. By the time they started eating, the pizza was _____________. a) hot b) cold c) gone d) cheesy 9) Billy ran into a bee hive. The bees got angry. Billy got _____________. a) honey b) bitten c) stung d) bruised 10) It rained all day long. When James walked to school, he stepped in a puddle. Now his shoes are all ____________. a) dry b) grassy c) snowy d) wet


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