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Hall v Simons (2000) - Outcome: Barristers can now be sued for negligence., R v Eccles, ex parte Farrelly (1992) - Outcome: Conviction quashed as the clerk had been involved in the decision, R v Bingham Justices, ex parte Jowitt (1972) - Outcome: It is unacceptable for a Magistrate to prefer the word of a police officer simply because of their role., Addie v Dumbreck (1929) - Outcome: No duty of care is owed to a trespasser (now overruled using PS)., Quintavalle (2003) - Outcome: Purposive approach taken. Parliament didn't know about embryos without fertilisation, included in Act., MPC v Caldwell (1982) - Outcome: When considering "recklessness" we don't consider a defendant's state of mind (now overruled using PS)., Adler v George (1964) - Outcome: Golden rule applied - "in the vicinity of" also means "in"., Foster v Diphwys Casson (1887) - Outcome: Noscitur a sociis - a cloth bag is not acceptable - "case or canister"., White v Jones (1995) - Outcome: Others affected by a solicitor's negligence will be able to sue (a daughter received no inheritance)., Re Sigworth (1935) - Outcome: Wider application of the golden rule - even though there was no ambiguity, the court said no as it was absurd. Controversial., Anderton v Ryan (1995) - Outcome: You cannot be guilty of an impossible crime (now overruled using PS)., R v R (1991) - Outcome: Original precedent set - it is illegal to rape your wife., Mendoza v Ghaidan (2002) - Outcome: Impact of EU Law meant that for homosexual couples, the Rent Act's "husband and wife" also meant as if they are husband and wife.,


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