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1) The teacher came ____ through the window. a) on b) in c) off 2) When I had a birthday party, I ran _____ of juice. a) on b) in c) out 3) Sarah got ______ bus number 10. a) on b) at c) in 4) A babysitter looked _____ my baby sister when my parents went to the theatre. a) at b) in c) after 5) My brother took ______ his shoes in the living room. a) after b) off c) up 6) At the weekends I usually get _____ at 9. a) up b) off c) in 7) A monkey climbed _____ the tree. a) down b) in c) up 8) Grandpa came ______ from the forest very tired. a) back b) in c) on 9) Jill had to put _____ his trip for next week because of the snow. a) away b) off c) on 10) Kate set _____ her own tourist agency. a) in b) on c) up 11) Somebody forgot to turn ______ the light in the classroom. a) up b) off c) on 12) Keep this medicine _____ from children. a) out b) for c) away 13) Watch _____! The floor is wet. You could fall. a) out b) at c) in 14) The plane hasn't taken ______ yet. a) out b) on c) off

Phrasal verbs - intermediate



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