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1) Who works in a post office or a bank? a) a vet b) a clerk c) a shop assistant 2) How do you go to school ? a) by ferry b) by plane c) on foot d) by tram e) by train 3) In our neighbourhood there isn't a ... a) a post office b) a theatre c) a swimming pool d) a church e) a kindergarten f) a museum 4) You can buy a lot of things for home there. a) a bank. b) a library. c) a supermarket. 5) When you get a bad mark at school you feel ... a) worried. b) thirsty. c) tired. d) ill. 6) On the American flag there are... a) stars. b) 50 stars. c) 50 stars and 13 stripes. 7) You play baseball with ... a) a ball. b) a glove and a ball. c) a glove, a bat and a ball. 8) At school you must... a) listen to your teachers. b) chew a bubble gum. c) wear slippers. d) make your bed. e) bring pets. f) switch off your mobile phone. 9) How do we write 13 and 30? a) thirten, thirti b) thirteen, thirsty c) thirteen,  thirty d) threeten, treety 10) You have a ticket, you watch a show and you clap after the show. Where are you? a) at the museum b) at the post office c) at the cinema d) at the theatre e) at the library

Revision Unit 3 Dip in 4

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