TRUE: Potatoes prefer cooler climate., Potatoes like loose soil., Potatoes like soil rich in nutrients., Potatoes have a soft stem., Potatoes have compound leaves., Potatoes have five purple or white petals., The green berry fruit of potato is poisonous., We eat the tubers of potatoes., Potato is an annual plant., The skin of the tubers can be pink or brown., Colorado beetle is yellow with black stripes on its back. , The larvae of Colorado beetle is shiny orange coloured., FALSE: Potatoes prefer warm climate., Potatoes need a little rain., We eat the fruit of potatoes., The tubers of potato inside is pink., The taproot system of the potato contains a lot of starch., Colorado potato beetle is a useful insect., The best protection against Colorado beetle is to spray the potato plant with chemicals., Potato came from America and it was a big success in Europe at first.,




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