1) Who was Lucy? a) The wife of the first human. b) She was the first human. c) She was the first human who appeared in Europe. d) The archeologist who found the first human. 2) Where did Lucy live? a) In Europe. b) In Africa. c) In America. d) In Australia. 3) Which is true for Lucy? a) She was 29 years old, 110 cm high and 20 kgs. b) She was 20 years old, 110 cm high and 20 kgs. c) She was 20 years old, 150 cm high and 29 kgs. d) She was 20 years old, 110 cm high and 29 kgs. 4) Which is NOT true for Lucy? a) Her brain was as big as an ape's brain today. b) Her jaw shaped to eat raw meat and vegetables. c) She wasn't like people today. d) She was a monkey. 5) What was the first man-made tool? a) The hand-axe. b) The blade. c) The harpoon. d) The spear. 6) What kind of tools did the first human use? a) Tools they made from bronze. b) Tools they found in nature. c) They didn't use any tools. d) Tools they bought. 7) What materials did they use later to make tools? a) Stone, bones and plastic. b) Stone, plastic and wood. c) Bones, wood and glass. d) Stone, bones and wood. 8) Which is the tool the early humans did NOT use? a) Blade. b) Spear. c) Knife. d) Harpoon. 9) What separated early humans from animals? a) They became erect and hunted. b) They became erect and made tools. c) They became erect and could jump high. d) They became erect and could communicate. 10) Which is false? a) As early humans developed their brains grew bigger and their thinking developed. b) As early humans developed they became more intelligent and they made better tools. c) As early humans developed they communicated with each other, so their talking developed d) As early humans developed they lived separately from each other.




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