1) A Spanish archeologist and his daughter, Maria ... a) found colourful cave paintings more than 100 years ago. b) painted the first cave paintings more than 100 years ago. 2) The first cave paintings ... a) showed humans in Prehistory. b) were made by humans in Prehistory. 3) The first humans decorated their caves... a) mostly with paintings of animals and hunting scenes. b) mostly with paintings of spirits. 4) People in Prehistory ... a) believed in many different spirits. b) believed in one spirit. 5) If people in Prehistory wanted to catch a bison ... a) they prayed to the spirit of animals. b) they prayed to the spirit of rain. 6) Who 'practised' hunting by drawing hunting scenes? a) Everybody. b) Only men. 7) Why was 'practising' hunting important? a) Because their lives depended mostly on luck. b) Because they showed the spirits that they are ready to hunt. 8) Who were the shamans? a) The best hunters. b) The leaders of rituals to communicate with spirits. 9) What did the shamans wear? a) Jewlels made from bones and teeth, and clothes from animal skins that gave power. b) They did not wear any special clothes, they looked like other hunters. 10) How did the shamas communicate with the spirits? a) They danced around while the others used instruments. b) They used instruments like drums and whistles.




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