1. I ____ to get up very early because I am a nurse. 2. ____ you have to mop the floor? 3. ____ she have to load the dishwasher? 4. John ____ to look after his younger sister. 5. We are so tired and we still have ____ vacuum the living room. 6. Ben ____ have to study English. He ____ English very well. 7. We ____ have to ____ the dog. Our dad has to do this. 8. You have to ____ the bus. It's too far to walk on foot. 9. The children are too loud! You have to tell them to ____ quiet. 10. Sally and her sister have to ____ tickets for the movie. 11. ____ has to eat his breakfast. 12. What do you have to do ____ school? 13. ____ does she have to read this month? 14. ____ mum is ill so Sandra has to cook dinner today. 15. How ____ do you have to clean the bathroom?




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