1) What kind of animal was Spike? a) hedgehog b) penguin c) pig d) goat 2) What was special about Spike? a) He was a baby. b) He could fly. c) He had rainbow hair. d) He could dance. 3) How did Spike feel at the beginning of the story? Why? a) happy, because he could dance b) scared, because a seal wanted to eat him c) sad, because he didn't want to be different d) angry, because his friends laughed at him 4) How did Spike try to solve his problem? a) He cut his hair. b) He painted the rest of him with rainbow colors. c) He covered his hair with squid ink. d) He hid his hair under a shell. e) He ran away. 5) How did Spike feel at the end of the story? Why? a) happy, because he had spiked hair b) lonely, because he had no friends c) sad, because he lost his rainbow hair d) proud and happy, because his friends liked his hair




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