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When is your birthday?, Which is the last month of the year?, How many pupils are there in your class?, How old are you?, Write the equation in numbers: a hundred and twenty-five plus a thousand three hundred and eleven equals a thousand four hundred and thirty-six., My birthday is on 3rd July. Your birthday is three days later. When is your birthday?, Write these words in numbers: the first, the second, the third, the fifth, the ninth., What is a hundred divided by two? What is fifty times four? , Neven has got 145 apples. He gives 25 apples to his uncle and 10 apples to his aunt. How many apples has Neven got?, What date is it today?, Students answer forty-four questions out of ninety-seven. How many questions do the students answer?, A monkey has got 156 pizzas. He eats 32 pizzas. How many pizzas has he got?, What form are you in?, What year were you born? Write the year in words., I have got a thousand apples. I eat five hundred apples. How many apples have I got?, Ana has got five oranges. She eats three oranges. How many oranges has she got?, Which is the eighth month of the year?; Which is the seventh month of the year?, What is four hundred minus three hundred and seventy? , Sara has got fifty-seven biscuits. She eats twenty-five biscuits. How many biscuits has she got?, Peter collects cats postcards. He has got a hundred and thirty-three postcards. He lost 43 postcards. How many postcards has he got?, What is your favourite number? Why?, If you win a million dollars and give nine hundred thousand dollars to your parents and uncle, how much money have you got?, An alien has got twelve toes and fifteen fingers. How many toes and fingers has he got all together?, What is fifty-four minus fourteen? What is a thousand minus six hundred?.

Classes 5 A and 5 B - questions



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