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Chicken licken is in the [farmyard]. He is eating under a [tree] when an acorn [falls] on his head. He thinks that the [sky] is falling down. He [must] go to London and [tell] the king. He [runs] down the road and [meets] Henny Penny, Goosey Loosey and Ducky Lucky. They [join] him and they go to London [together]. On the side of the [road] is Foxy Loxy. He says that they are going the [wrong] way and that they should [follow] him. He takes them to his [den] to eat them. Squirrel Wirrel is sitting on a tree. He [helps] them. He hits Foxy Loxy in the head with a [rock]. He falls down. Four friends [get] to London and tell the [king] that the sky is falling [down]..

The story of Chicken Licken


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