1) Lucy is sharing the ice cream with her brother, Roman. Who is sharing the ice cream? a) Lucy b) Roman c) Her brother 2) Jill is riding a horse for the first time.  Who is riding a horse a) The horse b) Jill c) A girl 3) Suzy is eating vanilla ice cream and Lily is eating chocolate ice cream. Who is eating vanilla ice cream?  a) The girls b) Lily c) Suzy 4) The boys are playing soccer together. Who is playing soccer? a) The boys b) Him c) Her 5) Jack is being licked by his dog Fido. Who is being licked by the dog? a) The dog b) Jack c) Fido 6) Thor is eating a sandwich at the café with Jane. Who is eating a sandwich? a) Jane b) Thor c) The café 7) Sarah is drinking chocolate milk and Karen is drinking regular milk. Who is drinking chocolate milk? a) Sarah b) Karen c) Both of them 8) Tommy has a higher stack of blocks than Jake. Who's stack of blocks is taller? a) Jake b) Tommy c) They're the same 9) James has a blue bike, Sally has a purple bike and Lisa has a pink bike. Who has a purple bike?  a) James b) Sally c) Lisa 10) Becky has a cat and Luke has a dog? Who has a cat? a) No one b) Luke c) Becky


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