1) misstep a) to spell wrong b) to step wrong c) before a step 2) preexisting a) to exist before b) to exist again c) to not exist 3) reconstruct a) construct under b) construct again c) construct before 4) refreshen a) to not make fresh b) to make fresh before c) to make fresh again 5) request a) quest (ask, seek) again b) quest (ask, seek) before c) quest (ask, seek) wrong 6) misdeed a) a wrong deed b) a smaller deed c) not a deed 7) preteen a) after teen number b) before teen number c) not a teen number 8) substation a) wrong station b) not a station c) smaller station 9) prepaid a) paid again b) paid before c) not paid 10) preoccupy a) occupied before b) occupied again c) not occupied 11) subatomic a) before atoms b) smaller than atoms c) not atoms 12) precondition a) condition before b) smaller condition c) condition again

Barton 5.9 Prefixes and word meanings


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