1) Where do polar bears live? a) Antarctica b) Africa c) the Arctic d) China 2) The Arctic is one of the __________ parts of the world. a) greenest b) warmest c) coldest d) dryest 3) What keeps a polar bear warm? a) a hooded coat b) campfire c) igloo d) thick fur 4) What does a carnivore eat? a) fruits and vegetables b) meats from animals c) nuts and seeds d) berries 5) What do polar bears eat most of the time? a) fish b) pumpkins c) carrots d) seals 6) What is a baby polar bear called? a) cub b) pup c) kitten d) calf 7) Where do baby polar bears live? a) in warm caves b) in snow dens c) in trees d) in igloos




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