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1) How was the Statue of Liberty shipped to the States ? It was dismantled in .... a) 214 pieces packed in 350 crates. b) 350 pieces packed in 214 crates. c) 200 pieces packed in 100 crates. 2) Why was Tower Bridge taken to pieces in 1962 ?  a) It was destroyed in a fire. b) It was sold to an American actor. c) It wasn't strong enough for the increased traffic. 3) What was the Empire State Building struck by in 1945 ? a) It was struck by a bomber. b) It was struck by a helicopter. c) It was struck by a lightning. 4) Who was the site for the White House chosen by ?  a) By President Lincoln. b) By President  Roosevelt. c) By President Washington. 5) Who was St Paul's Cathedral built by ? a) By Sir Christopher Wren. b) By Sir Christopher Lee. c) By Sir Christopher Hatton. 6) How many queens were executed in the Tower of London ? a) Three. b) Four. c) Two. 7) Who was Ellis Island originally owned by ? a) By the Dutch. b) By Indians. c) By Samuel Ellis. 8) What was Brooklyn Bridge considered to be at the time it was opened (in 1883) ? a) The 8th wonder of the world. b) The 7th wonder of the world. c) The 9th wonder of the world. 9) What was Saint Paul's Cathedral destroyed by? a) By Great Fire of London in 1666. b) By Great Fire of London in 1669. c) By Great Earthquake in 1666. 10) What was the Tower of London used as until the 19th century ? a) A church. b) A royal residence and a prison. c) A theatre.

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