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1) What is the purpose of an explanation text? a) To entertain b) To recount c) To tell a story d) To explain something clearly 2) What key words are usually in the title? a) Once upon a time... b) Why or how... c) The Mysterious Stranger d) Dear Molly 3) What is usually at the beginning of an explanation text? a) Conclusion b) Drawings c) Introduction d) Glossary 4) What can be added to help the reader understand the explanation? a) Magic b) Drawings or photos c) A contents page d) Similes 5) What can be used to help us plan? a) A dictionary b) A flow chart c) A sharp pencil d) A mind map 6) How should our explanation be organised? a) Jumbled up b) Paragraphs c) Spider diagram d) Alphabetically 7) What kind of words do we use at the beginning of sentences? a) Time words b) Connectives c) Adjectives d) Prepositions 8) What should we do when we finish writing? a) Relax b) Read over your writing c) Use the editing list d) Read a book 9) What are causal words? a) And / plus b) Because / so c) Adverbs d) This results in 10) What does chronological order mean? a) In order of time b) Paragraphs that use sub headings c) Sentences with lots of punctuation 11) Which of these is a time connective? a) Finally b) But c) Alternatively 12) Which tense are explanation texts usually written in? a) Past tense b) Present tense c) Future tense


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