1) What did Hank like best about rehearsing the play? a) He got to skip math and spelling b) He got to be with Nick McKelty c) He had a lot of lines to practice 2) What did he do when his rehearsal was over? a) Went out on the playground b) Went bowling with Papa Pete. c) Worked on his bookmark costume. 3) What word to Hank misspell on his costume?  a) book b) mark c) library 4) Why did the kids in the class help Ms. Flowers rearrange the chairs? a) Because they were too close together. b) Because the parents were coming to see the performance. c) Because they were going to have a fire drill. 5) Describe Frankie's, Ashley's, and Hank's costumes. a) Describe all 3 b) forgot 1 6) What happened when Hank came out on the stage in his bookmark costume? a) He made up a new line to say and the audience laughed. b) He forgot to say his lines. c) Nick tripped him and he fell down. d) a and c are both correct. 7) Why was Nick being so mean to Hank? a) He was made because the audience was enjoying Hank's performance. b) He is pretty much mean to everyone most of the time c) a and b are both correct 8) Even though Hank's costume was ripped, and he was on the floor, he remembered what Ms. Flowers had told them. What was that?  a) To start the play over if they made a mistake b) The show must go on. c) That they should stop the show and invite the parents back the next day. 9) Who actually DID forget their lines? a) Hank b) Ashley c) Nick d) Frankie 10) Who saved the show and how? a) click here if you get it right b) click here if I tell you to 11) What happened after the play? a) The class served refreshments to their parents. b) Nick yelled at Hank for ruining the play. c) Ms. Flowers and the other kids thanked Hank for saving the show. d) a and c are both correct 12) At the end of the story, Hank makes a list of 3 things that make you feel great. What is on his list? a) Friends, family, and ice cream. b) Good teachers, being in plays, friends c) Your friends, your family, yourself d) Papa Pete, Cheerio, and his friends




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