What does the title tell us about the text?, Is there anything you disagree with the author on?, When/Where does the story take place?, How do you know where the story takes place?, What is the author's purpose for writing this text?, What is the main idea of this passage?, What details in the text support the main idea?, Why did the author write this passage?, Based on what you've read, what is the most important thing a reader should know about [topic]?, What is something new you learned from this text?, What are some important facts you learned from this text?, What is a new or interesting word you learned in this text??, Did you find the topic interesting? WHY or WHY NOT?, What did you already know about the topic before reading? How did it help you better understand the text?, What question(s) do you still have about this topic?, If you can give the text a new title, what would it be? Why?, What was the most interesting thing you learned from the text?, What important words does the author want you to learn by reading this text?, What would you like to know more about after reading this?.

Informational Text Comprehension General Questions


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