1) If he had scored, they ... (win) the match. a) would win b) had won c) would have won d) 'd have win 2) We ...(not/meet) if you hadn't invited us both to dinner that night. a) hadn't met b) wouldn't have met c) wouldn't had met d) wouldn't met 3) We ... (not/miss) the film if you'd been here on time. a) wouldn't have missed b) hadn't missed c) wouldn't missed d) haven't had missed 4) If they ... (offer) you the job, would you have taken it? a) would have offered b) had offered c) had offer d) would offer 5) Ella would have finished the race if she ... (not/fall) over. a) hadn't fallen b) didn't fall c) hasn't fallen d) wouldn't have fell 6) If I ... (know) how cold it was going to be in London, I'd have taken warmer clothes. a) 'd have known b) would known c) 'd knew d) 'd known 7) He ... (not/get) wet if he had taken the bus. a) wouldn't get b) wouldn't have got c) hadn't get d) wouldn't has got 8) Laura wouldn't have left Liam if she ... (not/fall) in love with Tom. a) wouldn't fall b) didn't fall c) hadn't fallen d) wouldn't have fallen 9) We ... (go) on the London Eye if the queue hadn't been so long. a) would go b) would have go c) had gone d) would have gone 10) I would have bought you a ticket if I ... (know) that you wanted to go to the concert. a) had known b) knew c) would have known d) would know 11) We would have made a snowman if there ... (be) more snow. a) were b) was c) had been d) would be 12) If we had followed the path, we ... (not/get lost). a) wouldn't get lost b) wouldn't have got lost c) wouldn't got lost d) haven't get lost




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