MIA: ____ you at Maddame Tussauds yesterday? DAVID: Yes, I ____. My friends were there, too. Anna: When ____ Elizabeth I Queen of England? Bill: Between 1558 and 1603. Those ____ important years for England. Alice: Was Charles Dickens a rich child? Bonnie: No, he ____. He ____ very poor. Last night I ____ at the cinema. There ____ so many people there that I ____ able to buy the tickets because they were sold out. John ____ at the museum. It was fun! Matt ____ with John; he was ill. Bob and Sally ____ at Jane's party; they were at home. Steve: ____ Vincent van Gogh a German painter? Martin: No, he ____. He was Dutch. Our teacher ____ angry at us yesterday because we ____ very chatty. We ____ doing our tasks. The weather ____ cold when we ____ in California. It was strange. It is usually very hot there. Luckily, it ____ raining.





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