1) Henry has a _____ of friends. He’s very sociable. a) lots b) lot c) C plenty 2) If you _____ me, I would have been in serious trouble. a) didn’t help b) hadn’t helped c) haven’t helped 3) She _____ have asked him for help if she’d known he would be late. a) hadn’t b) didn’t c) wouldn’t 4) We don’t have _____ shops in our village. a) no b) none c) any 5) There’s more crime because there are very _____ policemen on the streets these days. a) little b) few c) enough 6) We would have got here earlier if we _____ got lost. a) hadn’t b) had c) haven’t 7) If my husband had taken that job, we _____ moved to London. a) would b) had c) would have 8) There are only _____ parks in this city – just two or three. a) few b) a few c) a little 9) She wouldn’t have eaten the cake if she _____ it had nuts in it. a) ’d known b) ’d knew c) ’s known 10) We must finish this job quickly. We don’t have _____ time left. a) much b) many c) a lot 11) There were _____ people in the supermarket so we left without buying anything. a) too much b) too many c) too 12) If I _____ known your number, I would have called you. a) had b) have c) would have 13) You spend too _____ time playing those computer games! a) many b) plenty of c) much 14) If I hadn’t missed that train, we _____ never have met! a) will b) should c) might 15) We don’t have _____ to take a taxi. We’ll have to walk. a) enough money b) money enough c) plenty of money 16) I would have gone to the party if I _____ been ill. a) hadn’t b) had c) haven't 17) Do you include _____ meat in your diet? a) much b) many c) a lot 18) I’m not _____ to vote. I’m only 16. a) enough old b) old enough c) too old 19) If you’d told me you were leaving, I _____ you a lift. a) could give b) had given c) could have given 20) I would never _____ bought this computer if I’d known how slow it was. a) had b) would c) have




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