1) We were really ______ to miss the train. a) unlucky b) unluckily c) lucky 2) Josh can be very ______ with people when he’s in a bad mood. a) impatience b) impatient c) impatiently 3) These shoes are really _____. a) uncomfortably b) uncomfortable c) comfortably 4) Do this exercise very _____ – it’s difficult! a) careless b) careful c) carefully 5) We had a lot of _____ with the traffic and got there early. a) luck b) lucky c) luckily 6) I dropped my glass on the carpet, but _____ it was empty. a) fortune b) fortunate c) fortunately 7) Your music is too loud! Use your ______. a) headphones b) speakers c) keyboard 8) Where’s the ______ control for the TV? a) socket b) remote c) keyboard 9) This memory _____ has all my work on it. a) stick b) socket c) switch 10) We need a longer USB _____. a) socket b) mouse c) cable 11) You need an adaptor because the _____ are different in this country. a) sockets b) cables c) switches 12) Where is the off _____ on this DVD player? a) plug b) button c) cable 13) It’s time for bed. Can you _____ the TV? a) switch on b) switch over c) switch off 14) Could you _____ this hairdryer in for me, please? a) unplug b) plug c) switch 15) I’m trying to sleep! Turn that radio _____! a) down b) up c) on 16) I’ve finished using this laptop. Shall I _____? a) switch it off b) switch off it c) switch it on 17) I was late because I forgot to _____ the alarm on my phone. a) turn b) switch c) set 18) There aren't _____ chairs in the room a) much b) enough c) a little 19) He can't afford it. It's _____ for him. a) enough expensive b) expensive enough c) too expensive 20) I'm afraid there's _____ time left. a) none b) no c) any




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