to read a book in bed - always, to look for a job - at the moment, buy a new car - just, to go on a cruise - never, to use computers at work - every day, to write emails in English - seldom, to watch the football match - last night, to listen to BBC radio - ever?, to study English - this year, to finish my homework - yet, to work late - yesterday, to play golf - ever?, to ride a horse - never, to lose my passport - on holiday last summer, to fly in a helicopter - ever, to eat sushi - rarely, to wear a coat and tie - today, to wear a watch - never, to fall asleep in the English lesson - yesterday, to learn Spanish - when I was at school, to miss my flight - last week, to read a newspaper - occasionally, to a have a party - tonight, to borrow money from a friend - recently, to learn English with my friend - this afternoon, to work in Paris - 2005-2007, to play tennis - at 7 a.m., to go out for breakfast -next weekend, to go to India - next year, to visit Austria - twice.




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