1) Sam has _____ to London a) never b) ever c) yet 2) Paulette stayed in Paris three years ______. a) yet b) ago c) so far 3) Daniele has _____arrived at the train station where she works. a) since b) already c) just 4) Maya and Kieran haven`t been in Zagreb ______ last May. a) for b) since c) yet 5) We visited Greek islands _________ . a) never b) last July c) already 6) We haven`t made any plans for the holidays _______ a) yet b) since c) for 7) My parents have lived in Split _____15 years. a) for b) since c) just 8) Mrs Morrison has worked in this school ______ my mum went to this school. a) so far b) yet c) since 9) I have ______ tried Thai food. It must be very tasty. a) ever b) already c) never 10) Have you ______ done your homework? a) already b) just c) yet

Spark 4 Module 2 Present Perfect vs Past Simple - Time Expressions





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