I'm going to Japan ____ Sunday. We've got a parent's meeting ____ Thursday. We have a lot of parties ____ Christmas. I was born ____ 29th March. We met ____ 1992. Her birthday is ____ July. My brother works in a restaurant ____ the afternoon. Peter studies ____ night. Dad will come ____ a minute I have English ____ Monday and Wednesday. She likes playing computer games ____ the evenings. It is usually snowy ____ winter. The school starts ____ 7.15 in the morning. The supermarket closes ____ 9 pm. Are you free ____ the weekend? The school year ends ____ 25th June. We usually go to the cinema ____ Fridays. We celebrate Christmas ____ December. The shops are closed ____ Easter day. Petra usually takes a nap ____ the afternoon. Sam has breakfast ____ 8.30 in the morning. Sam has breakfast at 8.30 ____ the morning. You can see stars in the sky ____ night. I go to the beach ____ summer.





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