1) How many countries are there in the United Kingdom? a) 2 b) 3 c) 4 d) 5 2) Which of these cointries is NOT part of the UK? a) Ireland b) Northern Ireland c) Scotland d) Wales 3) What is the Union Jack? a) the flag of England b) the British flag c) a famous ship d) a popular drink 4) Which city is the capital of the UK? a) Edinburgh b) Cardiff c) London d) Belfast 5) Which is the largest country in the UK? a) Scotland b) England c) Wales d) Northern Ireland 6) Where do men wear kilts as part of the national costume? a) England b) Wales c) Northern Ireland d) Scotland 7) What are the mountains in Scotland called? a) Snowdonia b) the Highlands c) the Pennines d) the Alps 8) What is the largest city in Europe? a) Paris b) Rome c) Berlin d) London 9) What is the UK money called? a) dollar b) pound c) euro d) mark 10) What is the Brirish Prime Minister's address? a) 221B Baker Street b) 10 Oxford Street c) 44 Regent Street d) 10 Downing Street 11) On what side of the road do people drive in the UK? a) left b) right 12) What is the Celtic mame for Wales? a) Gælic b) Cymru c) Eisteddfod d) Cynbel 13) Who is the patron Saint of England? a) St David b) St Patrick c) St George d) St Andrew 14) Where does the British Parliament meet? a) Palace of Westmister b) Buckingham Palace c) Kensington Palace d) Palace of Blenheim 15) What famous prehistoric monument in England is made of huge standing stones? a) Stonewall b) Standstones c) Stonehenge d) Strongstone 16) What famous ship was built in Belfast, Northern Ireland? a) Queen Elizabeth b) Queen Victoria c) Mayflower d) Titanic 17) What is London's theatre district called? a) Eastend b) Westend c) Western City Center d) Broadway 18) When were the Olympic Games held in London? a) 2000 b) 2008 c) 2012 d) 2016 19) Where does Queen Elizabeth II live? a) Palace of Westminster b) Buckingham Palace c) The White House d) The Tower of London 20) What is the largest city in Scotland? a) Edinburgh b) Aberdeen c) Inverness d) Glasgow 21) What is England's top football competition called? a) The Premier League b) The National Championship c) The Football Cup d) The National League 22) Who invaded Britain in 43 AD and stayed for almost 400 years? a) Celts b) Vikings c) Normans d) Romans 23) What was the name of King Arthur's sword? a) Excalibur b) Andulir c) Black sword d) Sting 24) When was the Norman invasion and the Battle of Hastings? a) 46 b) 666 c) 1066 d) 1146 25) What famous river runs through London? a) The River Severn b) The River Thames c) The River Trent d) The River Teme




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