1) What is the emblem plant of England? a) daffodil b) thistle c) tulip d) rose 2) What is the population of the UK? a) 55 million b) 66 million c) 77 million d) 85 million 3) Which city is the capital of Wales? a) Aberdeen b) Belfast c) Cardiff d) Dublin 4) The Pennines are mountains that are situated in the … of Great Britain a) north b) south c) centre d) west 5) This sea does NOT wash the UK a) the Irish Sea b) the Baltic Sea c) the North Sea d) the Celtic Sea 6) Ulster is another name for a) Northern Ireland b) the Republic of Ireland c) Wales d) Scotland 7) This is the flag of a) England b) Great Britain c) Northern Ireland d) Scotland 8) Who is the patron saint of Scotland? a) St Patrick b) St Andrew c) St George d) St David 9) The national emblem plants of Wales are the a) leek and the daffodil b) onion and the tulip c) the celery and the rose d) garlic and the dandelion 10) What is the national plant of Ireland and Northern Ireland? a) clover b) shamrock c) thistle d) grass 11) What was the name of the admiral who died in a sea battle in 1805 and has a monument is London? a) Cook b) Drake c) Nelson d) Raleigh 12) In the royal coat of arms of the UK, what does the unicorn represent? a) England b) Wales c) Northern Ireland d) Scotland 13) The Queen is a) the head of the state b) the head of the government c) the head of the parliament d) the head of London 14) British policemen are called a) Tommies b) Bobbies c) Teddies d) Jockeys 15) Bagpipes are typical ………….. instruments. a) Irish b) Welsh c) Scottish d) English 16) Where was Shakespeare born? a) York b) Stratford-upon-Avon c) Stroke-on-Trent d) Canterbury 17) Who was the Prime Minister of the UK during most of the Second World War? a) John Major b) Neville Chamberlain c) Winston Churchill d) Harold Wilson 18) Haggis is the national food in which country? a) England b) Scotland c) Wales d) Northern Ireland 19) York is situated in a) Northern England b) Southern England c) Eastern England d) Western England 20) Swansea is a football team from a) England b) Scotland c) Northern Ireland d) Wales 21) What is the emblem plant of Scotland? a) rose b) thistle c) dandelion d) lavender 22) What is the term commonly used for the UK's withdrawal from the European Union? a) GBexit b) Brleave c) Brexit d) Exit 23) Westminster Abbey is a a) royal palace b) museum c) hotel d) cathedral 24) What football team plays at Stamford Bridge? a) Chelsea b) Manchester City c) West Ham United d) Arsenal 25) What sport is played at Wimbledon? a) football b) cricket c) tennis d) golf




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