Technology and Social Relationships ____ many people communicate using technology. Teens ____ spend a lot of their time texting or on ____ sites and less time in real relationships. I think this can cause a number of ____.____, remote communication means that people do not know how to ____ in face-to-face situations. ____, people are not used to actually talking to someone. This means they ____ shy and not know what to say. ____, typing and texting does not ____ express yourself well enough. For instance, chat and text messages are abbreviated to these messages ____ be misunderstood or misread. ____, some people claim technology makes ____ easier. It allows us to send a text tor email quickly and cheaply.____, I feel that we shouldn`t allow technology to stop us from making real ____. We shouldn`t replace real friends with virtual ones. While technology may make communication easier, it is no substitute for ____ conversations in face-to-face situations.

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