Were you born in 2008? - Yes, I was., When were you born? - I was born in 1995., Where were you born? - I was born in England., Was he born in Scotland? - No, he wasn't., Were you at school last week? - No, I wasn't. I was at home., Were Monica and Tony at the cinema last night? - Yes, they were. They were watching The Nun., Where were you yesterday at half past seven? - I was at home., Were we born at home? - No, you weren't., Was Laura at the centre yesterday? - No, she wasn't., Where was Lily last night at ten to ten? - She was at the disco., Were you at home at ten past four last night? - Yes, we were. We were watching a movie., Were they at church last Sunday? - Yes, they were., Were they born in 2003? - No, they weren't. They were born in 2004., Where was Jessica at quarter to eight last night? - She was at the cinema., Were you at the market last Tuesday? - Yes, we were. We needed some fruit and vegetables.,




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