1) I get people stuck on their ideas. They do NOT think about the group. a) Rockbrain b) One sided Sid c) Glassman 2) I make people have HUGE reactions! Usually he thinks things are not fair a) Destroyer of Fun b) Mean Jean c) Glassman 3) I get people to act mean and bossy a) Glassman b) Mean Jean c) One Sided Sid 4) I distract people! a) Brain Eater b) Was Funny Once c) Grump Grumpaniny 5) I make people overly competitive. a) Destroyer of Fun b) Brain Eater c) Grump Grumpaniny 6) I get people to use humor at the wrong time, the wrong place or with the wrong person. a) Grump Grumpaniny b) Was Funny Once c) Worry Wall 7) I put people in grumpy moods. a) Topic Twister Meister b) Worry Wall c) Grump Grumpaniny 8) I make people worry too much. a) Worry Wall b) Topic Twister Meister c) Un-Wonderer 9) I make people jump off topic. a) Topic Twister Meister b) Un-Wonderer c) Body Snatcher 10) I don’t like people to socially wonder. a) Body Snatcher b) Un-Wonderer c) Destroyer of Fun 11) I move people’s bodies from the group. a) Body Snatcher b) Energy Hare-y c) One Sided Sid 12) I give people way too much energy. a) Energy Hare-y b) One Sided Sid c) Space Invader 13) I get people to invade other’s personal space. a) Space Invader b) Destroyer of Fun c) Brain Eater 14) Pretend you are surfing. a) Right now. b) Because it's fun. 15) Pretend like you are swimming. a) Yeah. b) It's fun. 16) I get people to only talk about themselves. a) Glassman b) Topic TwisterMeister c) One Sided Sid




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