True: Corporate governance is the way a company is organized and managed at the highest level organized and managed at the highest level. , A company's board of directors includes executive directors, the CEO and other senior managers., In bail outs, governments lent vast amounts of money to the banks to prevent them from collapsing, An incentive can make an employee perform better, The biggest shareholders in many companies are institutional investors, Sustainability is the idea that businesses should be run not for short-term profit, but in a way that takes account of the long-term interests of society, Corporate sustainability is part of the movemert towards a socially responsible investment (SRI)., False: non-executive directors, independent members are not allowed to have seats on the board., A senior supervisory board is not a governance body, Top executives cannot be rewarded for their performance through stock options or share options., Ethical investment: Transparency and accountability are not aspect to take into consideration when selecting companies to invest in,




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