1) I need ______ to the teacher today. a) to speak b) speaking 2) I really enjoy _____ my pet. a) to look after b) looking after 3) I learned _____ a bike when I was six. a) to ride b) riding 4) I hate _____ . a) to run b) running 5) Last week I decided ______ a Saturday job. a) to get b) getting 6) I'm looking forward to _____ Ed Sheeran's new album. a) listen b) listening 7) She would like ______ a green turtle. a) to see b) seeing 8) She wants _______ endangered animals. a) to save b) saving 9) She loves ______ the environment. a) to protect b) protecting 10) My friend is looking forward to _____ to the university. a) go b) going 11) Lucy can't stand ______ rubbish on the ground. a) to see b) seeing 12) Peter doesn't mind ____ vegeterian food. a) to eat b) eating 13) She needs _______ a new flat. a) to buy b) buying




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