1) All ____ Have DNA? a) Solid Objects b) Human Cells c) Chemical Compounds d) Living Organisms 2) The term "double helix" refers to: a) The Type Of Cell That Contains DNA b) The Number Of DNA Molecules In Each Cell c) The Size Of A DNA Molecule d) The Shape Of A DNA Molecule 3) How Is DNA Similar To A Fingerprint? a) Both Are Unique To Each Individual b) Both Have A Double Helix Shape c) Both Are Found In The Nucleus Of Every Cell In The Body d) Both Determine Physical Traits Such As Height And Eye Color 4) DNA Can Best Be Compare To A Building's: a) Bricks b) Blueprint c) Residents d) Rooms 5) Which part of the term "deoxyribonucleic acid" indicates where DNA is located? a) Oxy b) Ribo c) Nucleic d) Acid 6) There are ______ of different kinds of proteins in the human body. a) Hundreds b) Thousands c) Millions d) Billions 7) The function of _____ is not entirely known. a) Non- Coding DNA b) Genes c) Base Pairs d) Adenine 8) How many chromosomes are in each of the cells that make up the human body? a) 23 b) 46 c) 100 d) 20,000 9) Which Statement About The Chimpanzee Is True? a) It Is Identical To The Human Genome b) It Shares Many Genes With The Human Genome c) It Has Few Genes With The Human Genome d) It Has Not Been Mapped By Researchers 10) Which Of These Is An Example Of Genetic Modifcation a) Mapping The Genome Of The Giant Squid b) Comparing The Genes Of Children To Their Parents c) Getting A Flu Shot d) Adding A Gene For Mold Resistance To Corn DNA




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