1) Lock the deposit in the ... a) teller pedestal b) filing cabinet c) rope d) mat 2) The customer sat in the ... a) rope b) armchair c) conference table d) mat 3) Please wipe your feet on the ... a) armchair b) sofa c) mat d) desk 4) Mr Smith puts the forms in the ... a) desk b) filing cabinet c) teller pedestal 5) The ....keeps the customer line organized. a) rope b) conference table c) mat 6) This ... seats 12 people. a) conference  table b) desk c) filing cabinet 7) A couple is waiting together on the ... a) armchair b) desk chair c) couch 8) Connect the .... with the rope a) table b) rope c) armchair 9) The banker sat down in his ... a) filing cabinet b) desk chair c) teller pedestal 10) The new ... has six drawers each. a) desks b) filing cabinet c) couch




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