What are the tasks of FO from leading to the arrival of the guest till their departure? (The functional areas of the front office.), How do we reach the point of hiring someone for a position (including what do you have to do to create the position?) And how to motivate them?, How hotels identify wage level? What kind of wages they can define (What is the wage structure)? What kind of wage types?, The capacity planning process in the hotels., The demand optimisation capacity strategies., The productivity in the hospitality sector. Illustrate it with a figure and an example as well., Tactical price management (price tactics). Define it, list its elements (types) and features., Strategic price management, its definition, the most important decisions and their content, The most important tasks of the GM., The price trend through the lifecycle, use the figure as well., The staff at the Housekeeping department. What are their tasks and other features?, The Housekeeping schedule system. Concentrate on the method and the difficulties., Compare the asset management strategies. Describe them and tell us about their differences..





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