1) This organism absorbs CO2 and produces Organic molecules  a) Photosynthetic organisms b) Humans c) Decomposers d) Landfills e) Fossil fuels f) Fossils 2) How does the ocean remove CO2 from the air? a) By using small molecules in the water  b) Using the fresh breeze to remove it c) The ocean uses its's acidness  d) By dissolving it e) By an organism called phytoplankton f) By an organism called seaweed 3) This is considered a nonrenewable source because it is being used much faster than it's being produced a) Land b) Fossil fuels c) Freshwater d) Ocean water e) Sea animals such as fish f) land animals 4) What is released when fossil fuels are burned into the air? a) Carbon b) Nitrogen c) Helium d) Oxygen e) Hydrogen f) Methane 5) How many degrees is Earth's temperature projected to increase by the year 2100? a) 1-2 b) 2-5 c) 5-8 d) 1-5 e) 3-4 f) 4-9 6) DIssolving more CO2 in the oceans causes the water to become acidic. what is an example of acidness affecting the oceans? a) Coral bleaching  b) Extinction c) Extinction of fish d) rise of temperature  e) Decrease of tides f) The decrease of algae




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