1) implicit/covert grammar teaching  2) topic-based vs. task-based activities 3) product and process writing 4) characteristics of a communicative writing activity 5) formal and informal writing 6) standards of grammatical acceptability 7) factors that prevent sts from talking in the classroom 8) some practical principles of teaching speaking 9) receptive awareness raising (pronunciation) 10) What is grammar? 11) stressed-timed language /syllable-timed language 12) practical tips for presenting grammar 13) denotation/connotation 14) types of chunks in Lexical Approach 15) What does it mean to ‘know a word’? 16) steps of the writing process (at least 5) 17) concept questions 18) writing for language learning’ vs ‘writing for communication’ 19) validity of a test 20) reliability of a test 21) criterion referenced vs norm referenced (+ individual referenced) test or evaluation





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