prey - an animal that is hunted or caught for food, usually by other animal, hamster - a very small mammal with a round body, short tail, and a large pouches in its cheeks, companion - one who spends time with another or others, veterinarian - a doctor for animals, to treat - to attempt to cure, sick - suffering from an illness, not well, species - a group of living things that can mate with one another but not with those of other groups, dwarf - a person who is much smaller than usual, item - a single, particular thing in a group or list, to chew - to tear or grind between the teeth, meat - a flesh of animal when used as food, cage - a box or space closed in by wire or bars, used to keep and display animals or birds, necessity - a person or thing that is needed, tidy - neat and in order, health - the condition of being without sickness or pain, fit,





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