1) I was so ____in that lesson, I almost feel asleep. a) boring b) bored 2) Have you seen that film? It was really ____. a) boring b) bored 3) I’m feeling ____, so I’m going to go home, eat some chocolate, and go to bed early with a good book. a) depressed b) depressing 4) We are going in a helicopter? How ____! a) exciting b) excited 5) Don’t show my baby photos to people, Mum! It’s so____! a) embarrassed b) embarrassing 6) My sister is so ____ because she is going on holiday tomorrow. a) exciting b) excited 7) I hate long flights, I’m always really ____. a) boring b) bored 8) This maths problem is so ____. Can you help me? a) annoying b) annoyed 9) The journey was ____! Twelve hours by bus. a) disappointed b) disappointing 10) He was ____ when he didn't get phonecall in time. a) worried b) worrying 11) My husband is _________ in politics a) interested b) interesting 12) politics is not ______ for me. a) interesting b) interested 13) It was __________that he passed the exam. a) surprising b) surprised 14) Everybody was ________ that he passed the exam. a) surprised b) surprising 15) The movie was _____________ . We expected it to be much better. a) disappointed b) disappointing 16) We were _________with the movie. We expected it to be much better. a) disappointed b) disappomiting 17) The news was _________. a) shocking b) shocked 18) I was ___________ when I heard the news. a) shocked b) shocking 19) This weather is ____________. a) depressed b) depressing 20) It’s silly to get __________ because of the weather. a) depressed b) depressing




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