What do you do?, Tell me a bit about your family., How long have you been learning English?, TV-series you're watching, chore you hate, Would you rather go out or stay at home in your free time?, an Android or an iPhone?, your plans for summer 2022, countries/cities you've been to, things you've done today, Tell me about the last time you got sick., pets, A healthy habit you want to develop, food you used to like as a child, things you have to do every day, things you don't have to do at the weekend, Somebody you admire, something you mustn't do or say to a friend, Finish the sentence: If it's nice outside, I..., Finish the sentence: If I had 10 million rubles, I..., Finish the sentence: If you had listened to me then, we..., your pet peeve(s), What can make you laugh?.


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