arsonist - a person who illegally sets fire to a building, burglar - a person who breaks into a house and steals things, burglary - breaking into a house and stealing things, mugging - attacking people in order to take their money, especially in the street, mugger - a person who attacks people in the street in order to steal their money, murder - the crime of killing a person, murderer - someone who kills another person, theft - the act of stealing something, thief - a person who steals, arson - setting fire to a building, drug-dealing - selling drugs, looting - stealing from shops or houses during a war or a violent event, shoplifting - stealing things from the shop, smuggling - taking things into or out of a country secretly and illegally, vandalism - damaging other people's property, drug dealer - a person who sells drugs, looter - a person who steals from shops or houses during extraordinary situations such as war, fire, natural disasters, robber - a person who robs, shoplifter - a person who steals things from a shop, smuggler - a person who takes things into and out of a country secretly and illegally, vandal - a person who damages other people's property, robbery - stealing from someone in his/her presence by violence,

Crimes&Criminals SB p.84 ex. 2 и p. 85 ex. 5




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