1) I ______ (to play) guitar very well. a) play b) plays c) am playing d) is playing 2) Mike ____ (watch) TV right now. a) watch b) watches c) is watching d) are watching 3) My parents usually ____ (have) soup for lunch. a) has b) is having c) are having d) have 4) Look! The waiter ____ (bring) a big birthday cake! a) brings b) is bringing c) bring d) am bringing 5) I _____ (drink) 2 glasses of water every morning. a) am drinking b) drink c) is drinking d) drinks 6)  What ____ you ____ (eat) now? a) are you eating b) is you eating c) do you eat d) does you eat 7) ____ you ____ (play) chess? a) Do you play b) Does you play c) Are you playing d) Am you play 8) Mary _____ (not sleep), she is washing the dishes. a) don't sleep b) doesn't sleep c) aren't sleeping d) isn't sleeping 9) Jim ____ (not do) karate on Mondays. a) doesn't do b) don't do c) isn't doing d) aren't doing 10) We ____ (read) a menu at the moment. a) are reading b) is reading  c) reads d) read

Present Simple or Present Continuous FF 4 Unit 1


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