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1) You find money on the floor during your school. What are you going to do? a) Use that as your own money b) give it to your teacher 2) You and your friend are walking. Your friend accidentally falls down and is hurt. He/She begins to cry. What are you going to do? a) You will help him/her to calm down b) rush away as you have to rush home to watch tv) 3) Your father asks you to help him carry some groceries but you would rather play. What are you going to do a) Help father to hold the bags b) play ball with your friend 4) Your sister got sick. What will you do? a) Make her feel comfortable by reading a story book b) make lot of noise in the home. 5) Currently you cannot go jamatkhana every day. During Dua time what will you do a) Pray regularly at 7:15pm b) play during 7:15pm 6) You accidentally broke the toy in your house. What will you do a) Tell honestly to your mom b) put it under the sofa 7) Select one of the good actions a) Help mom in cleaning toy room b) do not help mom in cleaning toy room. 8) Your Mom says please share your toys with your baby brother or baby sister. What will you do a) Listen to mom and share the toys b) play with toys yourself. 9) Your teacher tells you to practice Qasida at home. What will you do a) Practice Qasida regularly everyday for 5 minutes b) See TV only 10) There was a new child at the school in your class with no friends. What will you do? a) Talk to the new child and invite him to play with all your friends b) Ignore new child and play with your bestie only. 11) One of your friend doesn't like sports. May be he/she doesn't know how to play a) you will not play with him b) help him to learn the sports. 12) One of your friends came last in the running race. What will you do? a) Laugh at him b) say good effort well done. Try again next time

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