Have you ever ____ a prize or cup for something? I love those shoes you’re ____ Mark and Charlotte ____ at a party last year. Can you help me or are you ____ the news on TV? Did you ____ me anything back from New York? She ____ her mother. They both have wonderful blue eyes. Alba’s____ a new job. She starts next week. I’m not very good at____ jokes. It’s going to rain later, so I’ll ____ an umbrella with me. Would you ____a lot of money to a good friend? I ____ the weather is going to be good tomorrow. We got to the airport late, so we ____the plane. I’ve ____ my best friend for ten years. Do you like____ photos of yourself? How much money do you____ a month? You ____ really sad. What’s wrong? Can you help me? I’m ____my keys. She’s____ a really heavy bag. Nicky ____ that she was sorry for what happened. Do you mind____ for a few minutes? I’m not ready yet. We had to____ money from the bank to buy our new car. I always____ my glasses. Did you____ that noise? I think it was a car crash. Paul is always late. I ____ he’ll be late again today.

Confusing verbs Pre-intermediate copy




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